tramanh phi (imurdstiny) wrote,
tramanh phi

Hollywood and the Desert

Squinty and Tipsy

Our weekend in southern CA started off in L.A. where thanks to my old lawschool mentor Lauren, we got a table on the patio at Katana in West Hollywood.

We totally got hooked up (thanks, Laur!) and here you can see me celebrating my "birthday" with every dessert on the menu, on the house.

Thu, Lauren, and Me (still squinty and tipsy)

After a brief stop at Foxtail, we ended up at Winston's, where Lauren and I were approached by a group of drunk white girls.

DWGs:  Hey do you want to have a dance party?
Me & Laur:  YES.

Less Squinty; Still Tipsy

I was informed that they filmed a scene from Entourage at Winstons.  I looked it up and it's the scene from Season 4 where Drama tells Harvey they aren’t selling him Medellin.

If was a true "Hollywood" night.  Totally fun, but I now know that I cannot keep up with Lauren and her "fast" life.

We ended the night at proceeded to drive 2 hours to Palm Springs, arriving at our hotel at 4am (which felt like 6am to us).

We crashed and woke up early to go to COACHELLA!

Tram & Tu

Although it was 100+ degrees, it was in the middle of the dessert so it was nowhere near as painful as ACL last August.  Lots of shaded areas, lots of hipsters, lots of pot.

Hot Chip

Ahhhh Hot Chip was so good!  I only wish I could have been closer and to physically see them perform.  They're gonna be at ACL this year so there's my chance!  I'm gonna be throwing bows all the way up to the front next time.

Tu, Tram, Tu, Vinh

The group during the Yelle performance, which was my 2nd favorite performance (see my review here).

So Coachella is always supposed to be star-studded with celebrities galore, so I was dissappointed to have not spotted any at all.

The next day, I got on my favorite celeb gossip blogs to see a multitude of pictures of celebrities walking around Coachella.  In broad daylight!  How did I not see any?? 

For example:
Elijah Wood
Melanie Griffith
Shia LeBeouf
David Hasselhoff
Nicole Richie / Joel Madden
Paris Hilton / Benji Madden
Jared Leto
Steven Tyler
Dita Von Teese
Sean Penn
Billy Idol
Kelly Osbourne
Agyness Deyn
Sienna Miller
Alessandra Ambrosio

HOW did I miss THIS?
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